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Coached SecondmentWe have coached a huge range of individuals. We teach coaching skills at all levels helping teams and organisations to develop their leadership choices and capabilities. We have a passion for creating a coaching culture providing a full range of Coaching Services.

And we go beyond this. Using coaching in new ways to enhance performance across and between organisations.

Circulus has a unique and innovative approach to business that resolves major issues and adds significant value to the bottom line.

We arrange, design, implement and support secondments within and between organisations to address their business challenges.

Think Circulus

The Coached Secondment Company

We use highly skilled Executive Coaches and an effective process to enable a return on investment for all involved.

Coached Secondments work because we identify clear structured outcomes for your business. Our process ensures the achievement of opportunities and benefits for all the parties involved – the businesses, not simply the individual being seconded. We think of it as being 3-dimensional.

How can a Circulus Coached Secondment solve your business issues?...Let us explain Our Services...

Bob Wise, senior vice president, Discovery/BBCVentures:

“One of the beauties of the programmes is that the departments design the experience, allowing the flexibility for creative exchanges. We are absolutely committed to evolving the programme and feel it is a natural extension of the strong relationship we already have with the BBC.”